Inspection & Sorting 

Qualitätsprüfung und sortieraktionen

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During quality inspection performance and sorting actions is the reaction time an important factor.

Based on the requirements we perform our service on the customers or on our own premises – our workplaces are for the ESD standards adapted.. On our premises we can store Your orders and perform the necessary work steps. You can benefit from our workplace that are equipped acc. to Your needs.

Take advantage of our experience. The outstanding features in the quality assurance and inspection are:

  • Short training period ensuring Your production supply in Your place or at Your customers. on-site.
  • Sorting operations on our own premises
  • Incomming goods inspection
  • Outgoing goods inspestion
  • Visual checks of varying complexity via microscopes, illuminated magnifiers, endoscopes
  • Gauge checks
  • Measuring with caliper, dial gauge
  • Quality Wall / Quality Gate – especially during new product launches and production relocation
  • Just in time delivery corresponding to Your production batches is matter of course for us
QS Quality Solution s.r.o.

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